Majhya Mamacha Gaon

is worth experiencing


Simple accommodation in 2 Non AC Cottage blocks with a typical exterior of Kokani ambience and feel, each block containing 2 rooms.

Deluxe Accommodation details :-

  • 2 Non AC Cottages Latterite Cubes (Chira) and Mud bricks which keep the rooms cool even in summer season
  • Well maintained and clean rooms
  • Multi-bedded
  • Self contained (Western type WC fittings & Bath)
  • Small Sit-out area in front of the cottages

Standard Accommodation details :-

Current Amenities


The above packages include the following deliverables :

Meal Timings

Breakfast          8.30am To 10.00am
Dinner               8.30pm To 10.00pm

P.S. : The Standard and Deluxe Packages include only food and stay, all other activities are complimentary and are subject to availability.

    Kokan Products

  • Kokam Syrup
  • Dry Kokam
  • Raagi Flour (Nachani)
  • Raagi Papad
  • Rice Papad
  • Rice Kurdai
  • Ghaavan Pith
  • Amboli Pith
  • Thalipeeth Bhajaani
  • Methi Laadu
  • Awala Mawa
  • Coconuts

    Rural Activities

  • Jungle safari
  • Planting trees
  • Harvesting agricultural Products
  • *Bullock Cart Ride
  • *Popati
  • Riffle Shooting
  • Bechki Shooting
  • Camp Fire
  • Watering plants thru Canals
    Patani pani ghalne)
  • Note : Items marked with * are chargeable.

    Rural Activities

  • Plucking and peeling Coconuts
  • Mixing and Spreading cowdung on the Aangan
  • Chatting on Rural myths
  • Fun in Pool (Haud) and River
  • Watching betelnut harvesting (seasonal)
  • Preparing Aangan (Aangan Chopne)
  • Preparing Mats from Coconut leaves
  • Bird Watching
  • Star Gazing
  • Bamboo Gun
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